All of my paintings are Acrylic on MDF board.  The sizes I use are 24x24, 40x40, 60x60, and 80x80 inches.

I use the primary colors "Roy G BIV" if you have a special request please ask for my color chart.

Every painting is unique and original.  No square is the same on similar designs nor is the background lines.  One painting may have 2 inch lines while another may have 1.5 inch lines.  I make subtle changes only you and I will know.

Due to studio space restrictions all paintings from this series will be 24, 40, 60, or 80 inches square.

As for colors we can use any color you want.  Just allow for extra time since I will have to order special colors just for your custom piece.

Price is based on size.

24x24    $1295
40x40    $2495
60x60    $6995
80x80    $9995

I try to keep shipping costs within the total cost for United States.  If you are an international collector.  I will get shipping quotes and share them with you as I get them myself.

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